At Tenycol, our involvement in the textile sector goes beyond providing products; we immerse ourselves in active collaboration with our clients in the creation and refinement of processes for the enhancement of textile materials.

Our Services

At every step, we strive to exceed expectations, because we understand that true quality goes beyond the product.

Product R&D

We offer personalized advice right where our clients need it.

Investigando las propiedades y estructura de fibras naturales mediante microscopía

Textile Auxiliaries

We participate in the creation of processes for the enhancement of textile materials.

Sales Team

Our sales network is comprised of professionals dedicated to the textile sector.

Our History

Since our inception in 1971, at Tenycol, we have been passionately dedicated to the development and application of specialized chemical products in the textile sector. We have marked our journey through close collaborations with our valuable clients, a solid dedication to research and development (R&D), and the creation of strategic alliances globally.

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Our Certifications

We back our quality and commitment with internationally recognized certifications. We take pride in meeting the highest industry standards, ensuring our clients’ trust in every product we offer.